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Annoying Celebrity

So in todays “Most annoying celebrity of the week”, I would like to thank Sean “P.Diddy” Combs for being by far one of the most selfish celebrity.

Diddy, formally known as Puffy Daddy, is becoming the male version of Oprah. Not only is he very successful with multi hit albums, but he has his own clothing line, perfum line, he has starred in movies, helped produce movies, has helped “make the bands” (Danity Kane), has his own t.v show to get his own damn assistant, and thanks to him, Burger King is now open later. All because Diddy said so!

Thank god! I was getting sick of McDonalds at 1 A.M!

Thank god! I was getting sick of McDonalds at 1 A.M!

So you’d think someone as successful as Diddy would be a lot more charitable. I mean come on, the guy has got to have money coming out the ying-yang! And Oprah opened a freakin school in Africa with her money!

But no, instead, thanks to trusty yahoo, I have to read a story about Diddy being angry on gas prices. Now you might think sure, who wouldn’t be angry about gas prices? But when he is BEGGING for free oil because he is NOT happy to fly commercial! I mean… seriously! “Oh waa i’m P-fucking-diddy and I ACTUALLY have to fly on a plane with PEOPLE!? What if there are too many people and I sweat? Then my beautiful face might break out and I will have to pay hundreds of dollars to air brush out any pimples. What if one of them touches me? I might get cooties! Please don’t put me on commercial airline! Peace to my saudia arabia homies!”

No Puff, your saudia arabia home slices don’t want to send you any free oil.

I have a great idea, how about you fly commercial all the time, and oh, IDK, maybe donate some of those $100s you use to wipe your ass with to a good cause?

So thank you Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, for being the most selfish, and annoying celebrity of the week. With out you, I wouldn’t have any juicy celebrity gossip.

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