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Okay, so I am totally new to this whole…. blogging thing. I mean sure I would write a couple random stuff on myspace once in awhile, but, lets all face it, myspace isn’t cool anymore. Thanks too my brother, and the twix commercial where that guy is totally scamming on some chick and brings up blogging to save his ass, I suddenly have this urge to write about my nonsense, hiliarity ensuring problems that maybe 2 people will actually care to read about. Lets start with the basic…


I wont bore you with anything big, but I just want to point out how annoying some guys are and how awesome I am at making people angry. This is a random conversation I had with this guy on Facebook chat (which is a crappy error infested application I might add). Lets call him John (not his real name for obvious reasons). Now John has been bugging me for sometime now. He often sends me messages wanting to hang out, and every time, I roll my eyes and have to reply with the same answer. “I have a boyfriend.” For some reason, he is convinced that I will “fall” for him so fast and that I don’t need this boyfriend of mine. Now this guy only has about 4 pictures on his facebook and in every single one he is showing his abs or flexing and holding the camera up so the flash doesn’t BLANK out his physique. I sent my boyfriend this guys conversation and he couldn’t believe the things this guy was saying. I wish I had the first conversations, but, here is the one from tonight:

John: hey! what u doin tonight? wanna see a movie?
April: its kinda late
John: damnit! i thought it was way earlier! well what r u up to?
April: Nothing
John: wanna do somethin?
April: lol, no I have a boyfriend
John: i know this! silly
April: but the fact that you’re trying to “get with me” would only make hanging out weird
John: no it wouldnt cuz we’d just hang out…then after u fall for me… haha it’ll be fun
April: wouldn’t happen, dating someone or not
John: how can u say it wouldnt?
April:And why would you try too break two perfectly happy people up? how shallow are you?
John: am i not cute enough? im not trying anything lil missy! so simer down!
April: yes you are. you even said last time
John: ya well your hot… and i wanted.. so..
we can be friends.. and hang out
April: No, I wouldn’t fall for you because you seem rather immature and arragont and the fact that you take pictures of yourself flashing your abs shows what kind of guy you are
John: haha and what kinda guy am i?
April: Oh you know, the cocky guy who is really loud at parties and tries to play it off like he’s hot shit who can get with any girl he wants when really inside he is just self conscious about his true image and doesn’t know who he is or where he wants to go in life

John: really? im glad you deal with so many guys, and have all of them figured out

April: trust me, most guys have this base attitude and it all falls into place after that
John: but you really have no clue who i m, nor do u have the foggiest clue what i m about, so dont judge because some fucking d-bag ex bf u thought was a good guy, but really wasnt i know exactly where my life is going, and i rarely party, i work my ass off for my life.. and i enjoy it when i can, sorry im proud of my body, hard work pays off sometime but you have a good night, sorry to bother you
April: later

Yes I am a bitch. But come on! Am I not right? I have been to lots of parties, I have talked to a lot of guys on the internet, and I swear to god if they did a study on this at the U of M, they would find those qualities and attitude in guys who have a ton of pictures of their bodies on their social networking profiles. They are all the same.

Also he is very wrong on the “some asshole ex” thing. I still talk to all my exes, and all of them were actually more….. rounder. I mean they weren’t fat but they certainly didn’t have abs! Just beer bellies and Taco Bell babies.

People who try to break other people up are just self conscious with themselves and desperate. Trust me, I was the “other girl” thinking I could break someone up last year. And now, I feel like a bad person for it its just so wrong.

My last topic for today is…


So after spending many grueling months trying to find a job, I finally got one in mid august! I previously worked as a server at Mansettis in St. Francis. I loved this job, I loved the people, but it just got to be too far of a drive! I was being picky about what kind of job I got so naturally I applied at any possible close serving jobs. My good friend Andrea had informed me that IHop was hiring (Spell Ihop and say ness at the end). She told me about 4 people had just quit, which made my sister and I both a little weary. Ether way, a job is a job! I filled out my app, called the next day and had an interview by the following monday. I was SOO excited because, face it, I have some sorta sweet charming personality. I mean, not to BRAG or anything but I have always gotten every job I interviewed for, and have always got cast in every play I audition for. So even tho I was nervous, I was still very confident.

I went in 8 mins before my interview was scheduled. A server who also happens to be a neighbor of mine sat me down and told me the manager would be right with me.

I waited.

10 mins passed.

I waited.

I started to get really antsy and irritated and had a bad feeling, when finally after 15 mins the manager walked out and introduced himself. I of course shook his hand, put on my best smile and sweetest voice. He then looked at his watch as if he had no time, and looked at me and said, “I have too actually run to the bank, I will be back in a half an hour if you can just wait right here and we can start the interview.”

@#$%-ing,  Sh*t,  C-U-NEXT-TUESDAY…… “Okay not a problem at all!!!” I smiled and sat back down as he walked away. In reality it WAS a problem I still had to get ready for rehearsal which was only a short hour and a half away. But I passed the long 35 minuets entertaining myself by starring at the plain, white wall (I couldn’t decide if it was off white, or more of an egg shell, I never did figure it out ether).

SO FINALLY he came back, and interviewed me and it took about 10 mins tops. He said I had charisma and I was very friendly and had what it takes to work there. I perked up right away. OMG I was getting a job!!

“I would like you to come back for a second interview with another lady. I like to run people by her first we make decisions as a team. See we’re a team here and we work as a team and blah blah blah blah…” Everything he said just floated past me after hearing that I had to do a second interview. Wow cool. A second interview to work at a FREAKIN IHOP!?

So I went in the next day for my second interview. It wasn’t at all very busy. A server who I had my college Spanish class with sat me down at a table and insisted that she make me something to drink. She made me a sparkling cherry lemonade and it was delicious! I tried to drink it slow.

1 1/2 sparkling cherry lemonades later I was getting bored…. Where the eff was this lady? And as if god was reading my thoughts and waiting for me to just think her up she appeared. She introduced herself, and told me she’d be right with me she just had to sort thru some stuff. I figuered it would be another 10 mins or something nothing big.

But no. I KID you not I sat at the table from the time I got there, until the time the lady ACTUALLY sat down to interview me for an hour and 3 mins! (I had a clock right infront of me and I watched it like crazy. I had to be at rehearsal in 45 mins!!! The girl I had spanish with apologized to me and said she was going to go find the interviewer. She came back out, I put on a big fake ass smile and she sat down.

“Oh i’m really sorry I completely forgot about you!”

Wow, bitch you forgot about me!?!? I felt my left eye twitch, but I just kept smiling and made a joke. “Oh I see how it is, already I’m easily forgettable!”

Her and I (mostly her as she kept interrupting me) talked for another 40 mins and she finally told me I had the job because I held her attention long enough. I thanked her, and left very excited. I sped the whole way to rehearsal since I was already late!

NOW, if ALL of that isn’t a sign that everything possible could go wrong with this job then I don’t know what is. I have had a HELLISH past two weeks. But I will save the details for another blog (This ones long, and then at least I am guaranteed something to write about next time! Trust me, it’s pretty interesting.)

Now I would like to end this blog with a hilarious techno dancing viking sent by Eric.

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