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A Whole New World Era

I…..am 21!!!

Yes, finally, after 4 years of agonizing over not having anywhere to go because I was too young has ended. After meeting many guys who flirt and then run away screaming because I couldn’t legally drink, has ended.  It is a new Era for April Rayne! Who knows what wacky antics I will get into now (well, I do know actually. Being drunk.)

My experience turning 21 was not as exciting as I thought it would be tho.  I was expecting lots of people to be excited with me, and buying me shots, and me dancing on the bar, and then I go home to sleep and the next morning the magical hangover fairy visits me and sends me on my way to a great day of work, only to start over again the following night!

You called?

I always thought that’s the person I would be when I turned 21. I Could HANDLE it, and not look like a jack ass.

Sadly, I followed the traditional turning 21 check list. Items include:

  • Pretending to not be drunk infront of the family.
  • Stumbling over bar tables when arriving at the bar.
  • Downing first 6 drinks.
  • Downing first 6 shots
  • Crying
  • Drunk dialing co-workers and screaming “I’m drunk!”
  • Hustling the bar tender
  • Trying to have a deep conversation with the bartender, telling him you were once a server and know how it feels to suck
  • Running up to random tables and doing the white-mans overbite with some quirky hand movements
  • Projectile vomiting in the bathroom for half an hour
  • Singing loud and obnoxious to the obnoxious songs you put on the juke
  • Falling out of the car when someone drops you off and laying in the driveway
  • Drunk dialing all your exboyfriend to tell them how crappy they are at life
  • Finally; passing out with your makeup smeared all over your face and your weave tangled up.

That is grade A clASS right there.

We’ll see what happens. Since then I have drank out in public several times and I was plenty fine (gay 90s in a completely different topic we wont get into). But, I am an obnoxious surprise who loves attention from anyone who is willing to stare at my ugly mug for more then 2 seconds. What will happen now that I am 21 is beyond my guess, it’ll be interesting to see. I predict too many vodka crannies, one bar fight and a one night stand.

But we’ll see…..

"Drink me, I make the sad go away, yaaaaaayyyy!!"

Cheers to be 21 and being at the peak of my life. Now if only I can figure out who I am.

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