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The Style Issue

So I realized my blog is dull of religion, celebs who royally piss me off, and nothing about politics. So, naturally, I am going to shake things up a bit.

My pregnant “bestie” had her baby on 10-09-08 (bitchin birthdate. I was the one to point this out to her =] ). I have known this girl since 8th grade and her family has generously boughten me to Wisconsin Dells every summer and also brought me to Florida before my sophomore year of high school. We always had so much fun and we have the same sense of humor. The first year we spent lots of money trying to get these plastic glasses with the nose and mustache attached to it out of a crane machine. We successfully got them, and then proceeded to wear them while shopping in the downtown area.

We also got hamburger hats and thought they were THE GREATEST things ever!

So anyways, her and I went to the chinease buffet a few weeks ago. As we are leaving, a mom comes in and has with her a…..ohhh… i’d say 16 year old daughter. Now this was the type of girl you envied in high school. She had cute designer clothes, perfect long blonde hair (ya know the kind you spend lots of money trying to achieve but it never works out) and zit free skin. But…. she had something so horrendously weird on her face, we both about died….

Loath and behold SHUTTER SHADES!!!!!

Yes, the girl was wearing THOSE on her face.

After she walked by, Andi and I both looked at eachother, and made our same, traditional “Uhhhh…” noise followed by obnoxious laughter. Don’t worry she didn’t hear, but we got in the car and kept asking “What was that girl wearing?! Were those for real!? Does she realize they don’t block out the sun!? Can she actually see?”

Those now trendy “shutter shades” were made popular by Kanye West in his “Stronger” video. Even tho they are funky and ugly, they are exactly the type of thing Andi and I would find in Wisconsin and buy just to be silly (In Florida we wanted to buy these LED sunglasses that flashed and changed colors, but they were like, 40 bucks).

I am going in to see her and the baby at the hospital and I am bringing a little gift bag. I thought it would be extra fun to find these shutter shades in stores just to throw in with her gifts so I searched for them.


Urban outfitters has them and they are 25 bucks! WHAT!? I can find FULL sunglasses for cheaper then that! Damn you Kanye West for making something so outrageously dumb so expensive!

Hopefully soon they will be in the dollar bin at Target, then we can both get a pair and wear them around the town thinking we are being funny like old times!

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