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So I realized I can actually SEE how many people view my blog. And to a relief, people look at it! All this time I thought it was only MAYBE 5 people but I often get up to 20 viewers. How sweet…. people actually care!

This blog has no particular reason. I have been busy/lazy lately, and I figuered i’d update WHY I have been busy/lazy.

Lets start with the fact that I ONLY (most of the time) work on weekends. And I work EVERY WEEKEND from 5-11. I am not complaining tho. I love my job more then someone should ever enjoy a job I think. Alot of the times I would prefer to be at work then at home because, lets face it, I don’t have many friends anymore who are around (I got friends they are just all MILES away at college). So this is my time to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Also, my mom drives me NUTS! My sister got lucky by moving out when my mom was still in her “cool mom-party phase”. I am 19, and living with the mom who would rather eat sunflower seeds ALL day long and nap on the couch. And if she ever decides to say anything to me, she usually finds something to complain about. It is usually ether “blah blah blah don’t put shoes near the door!” (She wants me to keep shoes down stairs. No way Jose thats what in front of the door is for!) or it is “omg you are doing the dishes completely wrong!” She is very anal about things being clean and cleaned HER WAY! When I do dishes I have to start with cups and then do plates and bowls and NO PANS are allowed to touch the water until everything else is clean. And then usually she gets mad because I stack them in the strainer wrong. I say…. who cares at least they are getting done.

Anyways, since my sister and friend both had babies within a week of eachother, I been busy wanting to help my sister or talk/help my friend. Talk about MAJOR baby envy.. For about a week I was thanking my lucky stars my boyfriend was all the way in Iraq. But I am WAY over the thought now (not to worry anyone).

When I am at home I mostly confine to my room. I think that is most likely the cause of my serious depression and sudden urge to just run my brothers car off a bridge every time I am in it. But there is NOTHING else to do. I usually sit down here and check my facebook and myspace and e-mail. I bought a dvd player so for the past week I watched the entire series of Sex and the City for the 10th time. And also I have a STACK of books I been reading. Yes, it is true I DO read believe it or not. Most recently I finished reading “Wicked”. I have been reading Tori Spellings book “sTori Telling” but since I own it, I bought it on hiatus to read “Twilight”. My sister is reading it, my mom is so I thought what the hay I will too.

Believe it or not, that book explains my internet disappearance! I often find myself talking online to my boyfriend, and trying to keep asking him “So are you tired?! Are you going to go to bed?! Maybe you should go shower and play games with the boys or go play poker or something!” ….. Don’t get me wrong I CRAZY like my boyfriend… more then someone should like a boyfriend I AM the definition of creeper but….. this damn twilight book as got me to the point where I want everyone to go away so I can read. Tonight at work I found myself cleaning tables, doing the dishes and pretty much throwing food at people faster then possible because I was dying to get home to read.

Right now people are probably thinking… “Hello April twilight is like, three years old now! You are SO out of the loop!”

But my reasoning for not reading it was because I am a die-hard loyal Harry Potter fan. Harry Potter came out when I was 11 and the characters were 11. The last book came out right after I turned 18, and all the characters were 17. I grew up with H.P why on earth would I EVER betray Harry Ron and Hermione for LAME Twilight!?

Well I am sorry to them all but I HAVE! Twilight is actually filling  the H.P void in my heart. Maybe thats why I like it so much? Or is it because its totally written well? And by written well I mean written just like a trashy romance novel for tweens.

Ether way,¬† I shall stop rambling on because…. I am going to go read and go to bed soon. =]

So if I am M.I.A lately, it is because the intoxicating words of Bella and Edward are preoccupying my mind.

And I would just like to end this blog with a little story Andi and I wrote when she and I were in 10th grade. Just to show you how dumb we are….

By Andrea Jay and SOME by April Gage

Artwork by April Gage (currently not pictuered).

jamal, a black prince from bel air, was deep sea fishing in the caspain sea one day back a long time ago.. it was stormy out that day and lightening struck jamals ship.. jamal had weak knees.. and was in a wheel chair. He desperately tried to steady the boat but the waves were too powerful. Poor prince jamal toppled out of his wheel chair and got knocked into the sea.

Meanwhile, Johndo, the giant squid was looking for dinner. He had to feed his wife and kids.. He was swimming along.. looking for a tasty meal when suddenly a crippled black man fell in the water! It was Jamal!

“YUMMM!!!” said Johndo the giant squid! He quickly grabbed the prince of bel air with his long 300 ft tentacles and began shaking him violently.
Luckily Jamal carried his spear in his back pocket. He whipped it out and began stabbing the tentacles.. The squid lost three tentacles but still had plenty more. Jamal was doomed. He began to scream help.. but nobody could hear his cries. For he was under the water.. and his lungs had no oxygen.

Suddenly king tritan from the little mermaid swam up! he was coming to save Jamal! but the king was too late. Johndo had already eaten the prince of bel air. So King Triton said “fuck this!” and swam home to his daughter ariel where she was having a party under the sea with Sebastian and flounder.

Jamal was greatly missed back in bel air but the town soon found a new black guy to sit on the throne. his name is will smith. you can catch him late at nite on nickelodeon.

the end.

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